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About Us


Wolf River Honey products are harvested and handcrafted in Fayette County, Tennessee, near the banks of the Wolf River. Our hives are placed on local farms immediately surrounding Shelby County, TN, providing pollination for local crops and giving us the finest quality pure local honey from wildflowers, soybeans, cotton and melons. All honey and honey products are packaged and produced to provide the finest in natural ingredients.

Wolf River Honey began as a backyard hobby in Bartlett, TN, in about 2001.  As the hobby grew, we were faced with the decision of whether to scale back or continue to grow into a business.  As you can see, we are pleased to have chosen to become a business that provides excellent customer service along with giving our customers the best local honey that they can purchase since we began selling our honey at Stewart Brothers Hardware in 2004.  

We moved our hives and harvesting to the town of Moscow in Fayette County, Tennessee.  We now have hives placed on various farms throughout West Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, and north Mississippi.  Our honey is considered local in the west half of Tennessee to Nashville, eastern Arkansas past Forrest City, and in northern Mississippi all the way down to Jackson.  

Don't be fooled by imitators. 

Wolf River Honey is a unique source of truly locally produced and harvested honey.  We NEVER buy honey from other areas to blend with our honey.  You can be assured that every drop of Wolf River Honey was hand-harvested from our own locally placed and managed hives.  


Wolf River Honey is one of 12 members of the national Russian Queen Breeders Association.  We work with our fellow members and the USDA to breed a pure strain of Russian bees -- bees that are especially hardy against disease and other harmful environmental factors.  Our bees are tested annually for breed purity, and members distribute queens to ensure genetic diversity.

In the spring of each year, we sell nucs (a nucleus of bees with a laying queen) to others in the area who would like to begin keeping hives. In addition to this, we sell individual queens.  There is a waiting list, so call early to get on the list.  It is also advisable that you attend the Short Course offered by the Memphis Area Beekeepers Association if you are just beginning your beekeeping journey.